forrest hoffar


Have you ever been so committed to a project that you were willing to do anything to see it through? 

Now I have. I was hell bent on recording this album without asking for your help financially AND so I did. I didn't just record it in my bedroom though...I recorded at a magical, multimillion dollar studio called Southern Ground in Nashville, TN. I had the privilege of working with an acclaimed songwriter/producer and an accomplished sound engineer and a group of stellar musicians. It was a dream come true. At least half of the dream. 

What good is it to cook great food if no one will know it's ready to be eaten or make a movie if no one knows where to see it? Or make a record that only a few people even know exists. Alone, I am limited to my own personal means, but with you I am limitless. 

I'm requesting your support to assist in acquiring the tools to get this record into the world and on the radio  so it can be heard by everyone else. 

This donation will be used to hire a music savvy PR company, a booking agent, make music videos, and support with touring across this fair country AND one lucky donator's name will be drawn to travel with me on a trip to one of the several Wine to Water project countries. This will be an all expense paid trip to  get your hands dirty with me and help people who really don't have access to clean drinking water. Please read more about their work at the link below. 


50% of any funds raised over the $25k mark will go directly to Wine to Water in support of making sure everyone on the planet has access to clean water. 

Alone we can accomplish some good, but together we can change the world.

Donation Awards:

$10 Live at the Hideaway Cafe (unedited)
$25 NEW Full Length  album - early download +
$50 ticket to release party +
$100 FH merchandise bundle (FH Flat bill and ECCE Clothing Company FH Shirt) + Name in the hat for the 2016 Wine to Water trip. 
$250 Personally Hand Written Lyrics to your favorite Forrest Hoffar song +
$500 dinner with yours truly +
$1500 live home show + 
$2500 & up- A song written and recorded for you, yes you, by me and a  4'x4' custom art piece inspired by your favorite FH song created by Danger_Us

***If you have any questions on the AWARDS feel free to contact me directly